Hello everyone!

So I’ve always been very interested in cars and especially in the unusual cars that you sometimes see around. It’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t get it, but there’s something about seeing someone still driving some crappy unloved 30-year-old car that  nobody else cares about. The point is that it’s irrational and it’s passionate. Nobody has to drive a Isuzu Stylus at this point. It doesn’t make sense on so many levels. The car is essentially worthless except for the inherent value of a running vehicle, but if that’s all the person wanted, they could instead be driving an old Corolla or something – something just as cheap, but with parts availability, and reliability, and the possibility of finding a mechanic familiar with your car.

The same is true of the person who spends a ton of time and money to import some random car that isn’t sold in this country. It’s unreasonable. There are plenty of cars available to suit any taste. The person who simply must bring in, through some questionably legal means, a car that 99% of passersby will not even notice, just to then face outrageous costs and delays if anything at all breaks – these people are deeply, fundamentally weird. They’re weird in the same way as I am.

I’ve been taking pictures of cars that interest me for years, and now I think it’s high time to start sharing them. There are a number of other places on the internet that I’m familiar with offering something similar. I’d like to add my voice to the conversation and add a new venue for car nerds to check out. This will be a little different than some of the other sites. My personal tastes are a little different. A car just being old is not necessarily a qualifier for my site, while a newer car is not disqualified. It’s all about how interested I am by it. I also will be uploading photos from events – car shows and so on. However, cars must past a much higher interestingness threshold to be posted from a show. A Ferrari 275GTB would be posted if I saw it parallel parked on the street, but not at a show. A custom 275GTB pickup, however, would be posted no matter where I saw it.

Sadly, I don’t have the best camera and take most of my shots out and about with my phone. The photography will never be great here. This is more of an illustrated chronicle of my findings. I’ll be writing a bit about each find and what makes it so cool, at least in my mind.

One thing you’ll notice about most of those other blogs is that they are based on the west coast, where it’s dry and warm year-round. Well, unfortunately, I am based out of Boston and New York, where it’s rainy and salty. I’m looking out my window at a snow flurry as we speak. That also means my standards are a little lower. I know that when I went out to LA for a week, I saw more surviving Toyota Vans in a few days than I’d seen for years out here. Some stuff I think is really cool to find may still be a dime a dozen in the “Land that Rust Forgot” (shout out to DOTS!), but just keep in mind that cars here can rust into a pile of brown goop within ten years.

All that said, let’s get going! I’ll be posting here at least three times a week, with three posts today (after this one) to get the show on the road.


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