I thought for a while about what would be a good, representative first post, and I settled on this Nissan AXXESS. Here’s a car that most people would pass right on by, but for people in the know, it is a pretty rare find. The AXXESS is that rarest of breeds – the car sold in the US for only one year (1990) due to terrible sales. This of course makes it doubly rare later because not only did it sell poorly and for a short time, but parts availability becomes a serious problem down the road. The AXXESS is helped by the fact that it was sold in Canada for five years, so that might make it a little easier to find parts. But still, this is a rare find that probably takes significant effort to keep on the road 20 years after its manufacture.

The AXXESS was sold as the Prairie in European and Japanese markets and replaced the Stanza Van, a groundbreaking sliding-door minivan that predated the Chrysler vans by two years. The Stanza Van has basically disappeared from the roads, at least out East. I’d love to find one, but I’ve glimpsed a total of one in the past 5 years. I see about two AXXESS’s a year, but this is the only one I’ve been able to get good pictures of.

This particular AXXESS was in Montclair, NJ and looks recently (maybe illegally?) parked, so it appears to still be driving around, defying the odds.


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